Caffeine Quantities in Common Things

From time to time someone says to me something like "well, tea has as much caffeine as coffee, you know!" My memory is not great but I usually remember that I went and looked it up before and that this wasn't quite true but I can't quite remember the numbers. So, here it is, Dave's memory-in-a-webpage!

Please note: I rooted around all over the place and collected numbers from several sites so the numbers are the best I can get without actually measuring myself. But the value for "the amount of caffeine in X" can vary by a factor of 8 depending on a lot of factors. So PLEASE don't tell me these are wrong unelss you have taken this variability into account.
KindSize mlSize ozCaffeine (mg)mg/ml
Drip (Hi)316.666481920.61
Tea (Hi)1485800.54
Drip (Lo)316.666481000.32
Tea (Lo)1485400.27
Red Bull35512.0039771800.23
Ice Tea35512700.2
M Dew35512550.15
D Coke35512450.13
Hot Cocoa (Hi)148580.05
Choc Milk (Hi)148570.05
Decaf (Hi)148550.03
Decaf (Low)148520.01
Choc Milk (Lo)148520.01
Hot Cocoa (Lo)148510.01