Who Are These People?

Ravi said to me the other day, "show more pictures of people!" Of course he's right. Thanks Ravi!

House Party Pictures

Mike, Mike, Scott, Dorita and Ray focus on a game of US Patent No. 1.

Adony always plays to win. He's one of the Friday Knights who visit us from time to time.

A nice side view of Keith, perfect for mug shots or an ear exam.

This is Scott, Molly and Janine eating with Miriam.

Here's Ken, my teacher and minister, joining us for the very first time.

Keith and Kurt locked in mortal combat (no, we don't take our games that seriously; I think they're having dinner here).

Mike and Dorita concentrating on Puerto Rico.

Here's Mike (on the left) arm wrestling with Suki, probably because he couldn't beat her at the game she brought!

Here's Mike and Kurt sharing some pizza at a quiet moment. In case it's not obvious, we spend as much time eating, drinking and talking as we do playing games.

Here's Mike Jones making a fool of himself in front of the camera. You see what I have to put up with? It's a wonder I have any decent pictures at all!

Here's Mike and Scott playing Munchkins (yes, I can tell from just that bit). I think Scott might be losing which would explain why he's praying -- or maybe he just fell asleep...

This is Ray and another player (probably Adony) playing Mississippi Queen. I probably have too many pictures of Queen but it's such a photogenic game with it's loong river and it's little plastic pieces.

Here are Adony, Scott, Janine and Sabrina (who has her back to us), playing Bohnanza.

Here is Sabrina with the Sacred Party Food. We always buy a bunch of junk food before the games party and most people bring a little something to share. It all winds up in a huge pile on this counter. Consequently, we spend a lot of time eating and talking but we still manage to get in a few games.

Here is an old friend of mine, Rob (aka The Z Man). I've known Rob since the early 80s and, if I'm not mistaken, he came to a few games parties back then. Now he is one of the Friday Knights.

Here is Rob again, this time with fellow Friday Knight, Ron.

Scott, Mike and Keith play Survivor..


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