Nawaf Bitar's Christmas Party

December 18, 4003
San Jose Fairmont Hotel

Nawaf "Honey..." Bitar, Our host
Bill and Sharon Gegenheimer
Dave and Dorita Menconi Sing
Sam and Heather Weber
Pete Jacobsen
Lora and Jeff Heller
John and Chris Yee
Vikram and Meenakshi
Shawn Poellet
Tracy Chesney
Simon Chesney
John Schuster and Chris Wagner
Sudheer and Vikram
Karen Schuster
The Bitars and The Wagners
Hellers and Menconis
Jeff Visits the Biyani's
John looks at a Kamakazi while Bill and Saron Look on
Nawaf "Honey..." Bitar
The Lovely Women
Dave & Dorita Menconi Sing Good King Wenceslas Before Appetizers
A Kamakazi, the Downfall of Many
Three of us were going to sing "Hark the Harold Angels Sing" but, with the Kamakazi's, five actually sang.
Devi and Meenakshi Model Their Outfits
The menu included many fine dishes
Portabello Mushroom
Filet Mignon
The Twelve Singers of Christmas
Vikram Singing Twelve Days Of Christmas
Dave Singing Twelve Days Of Christmas
Our Waiter Singing Twelve Days Of Christmas
Simon singing the part about monkeys (what part about the monkeys?)
John, Devi, Shawn, and Bill Singing Twelve Days Of Christmas
The Party Singing Twelve Days Of Christmas
Sam Weber
Heather Weber
"I Saw Three Ships" was going to be a solo; the Kamakazies stepped in again!
Chris Wagner Led Off the Toasts
Dave's Toast
Rich's Toast
Jeff's Toast
Bill's Toast
Devi's Toast
Nawaf's Toast
Simon's Toast
Heather's Toast
Sudheer's Toast
Schuster's Toast
After the toasts we lit candles and sang "Silent Night"

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