Object of Worship


We scanned a lot more people than we were able to actually print (turns out it's complicated to 3D print things -- who knew?). But now that we're home and trying to get the playa dust off our things, we're thinking about how to make this right! We want you to have a medallion if possible! If you got a scan at Burning Man 2012 at our camp, contact us, and we'll figure out how to print a medallion and send it to you! You can do that by filling out this form. -- RONGO!


We are into worshiping objects. The Thing is the thing for us.

And the thing about things is that we want to use our things to interact with our fellow burners.

Bring your Thing over here. We'll take a 3D picture of anything you want. For example, your face. Or your hand. Hmm, what other appendage might someone want to worship?

After 3D scanning comes the 3D printer. We have two 3D printers and they will be turning out your face (or other object) which we will put on a medallion.

We expect there to be much ribald interaction, fun and laughing. The whole process will take a while so we'll have games and activities going on at the same time.


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