Listen up penizens to my last song
until our man nawaf bitar comes along

when nawaf needs a real hot shot
netapp will provide us with the wat

if the wat can't do the job
we'll just have to depend on bob

and if english winds up on the dole
next we'll put our faith in voll

if jimbo runs into a snag,
we can surely depend on our man jwag

but if chris isn't our big star
netapp will give us kartik Ayyar

if junior cannot do smack
we'll just look to black jack

if black jack turns out to be a drag
netapp will give to us the dag

And if dag happens to be moody
netapp will provide us with woody

and if woody isn't any fun
netapp will give us the long one

and if long one can't be our crew
We'll just have to work with the woo

and if the woo isn't a big booster
We'll take up with mr. schuster

When we've used up that chewie feller
netapp will give us a guy named heller

and when jeff heller joins the navy
netapp will provide us with our friend devi

and if your getting tired of this rhymin
I'll just mention my friend simon

Hush you penizens don't you whine
cuz you've got a team that's mighty fine

Dave Menconi


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